Solar Systems

How To Choose The Right Solar System For You?


Home solar power is more affordable now than ever before. Before considering what type or size of solar system would best meet your household needs, it is important to think about what you want the system to achieve.

Solar power for residential homes can provide electricity, hot water and heating, and even warm pools. This ability to be self-reliant can be gained with an initial investment that will pay for itself over a reasonably short period of time. Instead of paying power companies for use of non-renewable resources (such as fuel), people can not only save money, but help save our environment as well. Most systems that provide solar power for residential homes compliment the traditional power systems (BEC) in the house.

 Even those residential homes that obtain only forty to seventy percent of their power from solar power systems enjoy a huge savings over a period of time. Though it is possible to be completely independent and off the grid (BEC/UTILITY) this would require a combination of solar and wind energy in most places. You would also have to not waste energy. People living in warm sunny countries such as the Bahamas can actually live totally of just solar energy, which my family has been doing since September 2012.

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